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‘첫 실점’ ‘첫 3점’, ‘홀짝’…불법 사이트 베팅 ‘천태만상’

Scabbard fits well. No rattle so far. Lastly, a well placed strike with a Cold Steel trainer can be just as brutal as a Wooden Bokken strike. Just received it. Haven’t put it to the test yet, but the quality is there. I m very happy with the sword it just like you describe very strong carbon steel I give you guys five stars is a beautiful sword thanks. If you want it super sharp you will have to work on it. Sharp enough to cut paper and plastic but I will make it a lot sharper. The balance is slightly forward, but has a fantastic overall feel and great look. All the Cold Steel quality that I expect and more! Glad I went with the red blade, though it seems more brown then red.All in all it is actually better then expected. I have 2 Wooden Wakazashi Bokken and 1 Wooden Tanto Bokken, and all three are stored because they get chipped and start to split.

These polypro bokken are not as rigid as wood, so be aware of that. I bought this Bokken around 20 dollar range. This is one sweet blade! I plan to get a second one to have a matching pair. It is sharp but I wish it would have been extra sharp. This came with some very sharp edges from the casting. Great sword for the price! Whoever is selling them now felt inclined to substantially raise the price! The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the blade doesn’t line up with the handle, making for poor cuts. I haven’t tried cutting with it yet. Love it and the cleaning kit that come with it. Cannot beat the quality for the price. Beautiful sword with a reasonable price. Came sharpened and with cleaning kit. It came off with 1,000 grit. I also like its lightness because it can used with speed.

Great sword for 메이저 홀짝사이트 the price, the swordsmith left his name and markings on the tang, it cam with a certificate of authenticity and also the way it was made. Also you’ll want to put tape on the grip area, the polypro gets slippery when you’re training and your hands are sweaty. Im ready for the Zombies. If that were fixed, it would be an awesome battle ready sword. It’s awesome. Very good product for the price. The balance and feel in your hand is awesome. This blade is awesome it’s nice and balance. It’s durability will be tested I assure you but so far it’s been a great practice weapon. Feels good in your hands and its sharp, Very good materials and finishing, I would highly recommend this product, bad thing is that apparently you can’t dissemble this sword ( if someone knows how plz do tell )! I recommend it and HIGHLY recommend it for any Michonne fan! Very happy for the price. I hesitated on this before buying but couldn’t be happier with the purchase. It sits proudly on my head board unless I am practicing with it. This is too light for my taste, as I train with it and the o-bokken at the same time. Absolutely fabulous sword. Better product than I expected.I am looking for a short sword and tonto from the same company that produced this one! Solidly sharp edge out of the box. Good for the price and very sharp. A nearly flawless reproduction of the Dotanuki. Cold Steel makes good stuff, if only it was made in the USA it would be better. It’s is a very good product! This is a good strong sword.. Girls would have a hard time if they are not strong enough. Not bad for price. Not a big deal. It maybe lighter than wood, but it is far more durable. A little heavier than I had expected, but this is my first kata