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Jason – Witten is about to break Michael – Owen’s team record

For the legendary players of Dallas Cowboy, there are many records to be broken this season, wholesale nfl jerseys supply except Dak Prescott and the rookie record of Ezekiel Elliott.

This week, the old Near Duan Feng Jason – Witten may also rewrite the record of cowboy, and Witch Teng only needs 27 yards to break the team of 11,904 yards in Michael Irvin.

Witch Teng held 663 yards, 68 years old this season, 68 games, 663 yards, 14 years of career 1088 games to promote 11,878 yards, and he broke the total number of balls in Owen 4 years ago.

On Friday, wholesale nfl jerseys outlet USA: “Michael is my good teacher, he is one of the symbols of this team. You can hear people discuss him, his game is deeply affected, so data beyond him For me, it is far more simple. ”

Witten has also become a near-end peach for the second half of the history of more than 1,000 passed, and Witten also takes 7 battles to be more than Tim Brown.

In addition to the above record, Witten also broke the team’s career first record (203 games) and continuous starting records (154 games).