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Pony and External Hand cheap nfl jerseys for sale Hilton for 5 years

Indianapolis Pony official website announced that they have renewed with External hand T.Y. Hilton (T. Yi. Hilton).

According to wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping official website, Ian RapoPort reported that this contract was 5 years, with a value of 65 million US dollars, and the guarantee revenue reached $ 39 million.

“This is a great day for Indianapolis, T. Y Hilton and his family,” said Ryan Grigson, General Manager of Pony. “Our team is very happy to ensure that T.Y. will be our effective in the next year. His excellent performance in the game is clearly present, and a player who has become great and become a truthfulness of the pony.”

The pony has been put on Hilton as a lunar event. The two sides can reach a new contract before the team’s premiere of Philadelphia eagle in the team. In 2012, the third round of the selection of the Selection of Hilton was first selected wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys for sale professional bowls first, and wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys from china completed 82 battles, got 1345 yards and 7 times. This is Hilton a second consecutive season.

The contract of Hilton shows how the little horse looks at him in the offensive group. It has been rumored to pick up a new show outside the show. Phillip dorsett is to end alternative to Hilton. It is now clear that Hilton-Totette This speed-type junction will make the opponent’s second-line defensive headache in the future.