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Wild Horse Wide Vef – Miller: I want to be the greatest player in history

Von Miller has proven its strength. The Denver wild horse line guard has become the best defensive new show in 2011. He has been selected as the best lineup and becomes the most valuable player in a superbit, helping wild horses to win the super bowl.

However, Miller’s achievement is still in the list of achievements, and he will use it for at least 10 years to achieve this goal.

“I can’t control what people think about it,” Miller said. “But I want to be the best player in the league. This is my goal of each play. After a long time, my performance and I will close to this goal. Maybe when I ended your career, After playing 17 years or no matter how many years of ball, we can review what I said now, see if I said it. ”

Miller also said: “I want to be the best player, there is no Ivan. I want to be the world’s greatest player at this level, just like God.”

In the season of the seasons who obtained the Super Bowl champion, Miller did play a performance of the greatest player level in history. However, as long as Tom Brady is still in the Alliance, Miller has to compete with him and each of the famous celebrities. This is just a reality: all quarters have received more attention and praise.

Miller can take a step in the new season to this goal is to achieve his peak performance in his career, wholesale jerseys china us and he acquired 18.5 kills in the 2012 season, china buy online free shipping and he did not have time to occupy time as it is now. .

Miller said that this year’s break is not so many outdoor activities, he said that “you can advance your body to the state you have never reached. You can never guarantee that efforts can be transformed into the scene, but This is what I hope. ”

After Demarcus Ware retired from the team and jerseysfromchina the team ushered in the new coach team, Miller will be considered a defensive group leader in the new season. Leading the young frontline seven people defensive in a competitive Miranesee won the championship to help him advance toward the most great player in history.