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Matt – Moore: Athara, no negative

In the seventh week, the Chief of the Chief of the Miyama, the Matt Moore Rapid Safe Savelore was hurt due to the injury. Moore passed out 117 yards and 1 reached, coupled with the excellent performance of the defensive group. The chief has ended two-game losing over the homeland.

Mahms expects to lack three weeks, the chief offensive group will have to adjust the attack on the new starters, and the Matt-Moore is from the head, the next chief can rely on him to take a few weeks. What?

[Excellent college player]

Moore opened his university football career at the University of California, and transferred to Oregon State. In the next two years, Moore as the first quarter-off at the time, completed the 5733 code ball and 29 reached, leading Oregon State to overcome the enemy Oregon University, California University Berkeley division and South California University. So far, Moore still maintains the team history of Oregon State, continuous pass, not being recorded (182 times).

[Baseball Shop]

Before transferring to Oregon State, Moore also participated in the baseball competition at a junior college. At that time, the attention from the Los Angeles angel team and gave commitment to select Moore in 2004. Because Grandfather and Father are engaged in baseball, plus the place where he did not let him participate in rugby, the Moore at the time would like to follow the pace of the elders, consider the transformation into the baseball. At that time, his parents insisted that he first completed the studies, and finally, Moore also insisted on the road of rugby.

[Twelfth year old]

In 2007, there were beautiful Matt-Moles into the alliance with free players. After the short-lived training camp, it is officially entered the alliance with the identity of the black panther player and the first four years.

In 2011, Moore was signed by the Miami dolphin. At that time, the first four-point Wei Charde-Haini shoulder was injured and was hired, and the next year was named the best players in the team at 2497 code balls and 16 Dalun. The next Moore has the opportunity to play.

[Retirement Removal] Joining the Chief]

Last year’s Moore is not in the alliance effectiveness, but returns to high school alma mater to serve as an assistant coach, and also serves as a scout for dolphins. But the history is always amazing, and August as the chief replacement of the four-point guardian-Haini’s ankle fracture needs to be repaired, Matt Moore receives the phone from the chief, I hope that he will make a short-term check after 2011 The vacancies in the player position caused by Germany.

[Replacement of young players]

As the most valuable player in the last season, Mahme naturally attracted the attention of the Alliance, and people will not expect that Moore has too many opportunities to be on-site. In fact, this is not his first time wholesale jerseys for sale younger quarter. Moles during the Miami period, as the first round of Xianenell at the time in the team as a substitute. However, the chief quadrant coach Mike Kafka’s coaching concept is: “Everyone is helping each other, everyone has a say. Everyone has comments. This is the team we want. Inner culture. Experienced players can rely on. ”

Now that the burden falls to the Moore’s shoulder, this should start planning to retire the Moore after retirement, and will replace the professional alliance. On Monday morning, the chief was once again on the night game. In the face of the packaging workers and the top quadruption of the top quarter, the chief and Moore will show it to the North and let us wait and see.

Award quiz: Mahmus recovery god speed has begun to participate in some training in the team, but confirming that you will not attend the Sunday, Matmore will continue to give the boy to lead the chief of the semi-finals in the game. At the current 6 wins and 1 weight, it is well known, the chieftain 30-6 Dasheng wild horse ends the two joints, the emirate can overcome strong packages at home, 8:20 am on October 28, we will wait and see.

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Competition Information: Beijing time October 28 (Monday), 8:20 am, Packagers VS chief

Live platform: Guangdong Sports, Tencent Sports, Baiview

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