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James Harrison praises the patriots coach Pileck

Beijing July 20th, the Philadelphia Owl, wholesale jerseys free shipping Jason Kelce, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping said that the New England Patriot Defense Group lacks outstanding players. James Harrison, which was played up last season, cheap nfl jerseys for sale did not feel dissatisfied with this.

“Honestly, this evaluation does not make me feel troubles. This is not a thousand miles of evaluation,” Harrison said in an interview.

However, Harrison is slightly different from the understanding of Kels’ comments and ordinary people. Although most people think this is the level of players who criticize the patriot, Harrison believes that this is actually a coach Bill Belichick, which praises the patriot coach, Bill Belichick.

“There is still excellent players in the defensive group, but honestly say that if you carefully analyze, look at other team’s defensive group, then they are not the top,” Harrison said when he said. “But they stand in the highest stage, enter the super bowl, so the coach is better.”

In another interview, Harrison also said that Piliceth’s coaching level is higher. He is a more stringent manner as Billy Tomlin during the steel man.

How long Harrison did not work in the patriot, but obviously he left a deep impression on the coaching of Billarch.