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Breakdown of each team’s most powerful candidate for MVP

Ready for MVP this a permanent change of topic yet?

cheap jerseys from china the next time cheap nfl jerseys from china Honors award ceremony there is only 230 days, not really how long the left.

In fact, even the NBA this season awards ceremony had not met yet … those smart people who work in the NBA learned first-hand with us, suddenly decided to engage in a party like the NFL as a way to announce MVP winners. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. NFL Honors award ceremony business was quite successful in the past few years, because it revealed to the most important professional football players added some luck (although most of the time are winning quarterback).

NBA Most Valuable Player of the Year (Westbrook or Harden?) Will be announced on June 26, accompanied by NBA awards season, so we have to do a do analysis for the next season, the suspense is not much of a prize. Below we have selected a candidate for the league MVP every team: 16 quarterbacks, 16 non-quarterback, there are a few more interesting options (after all, we have to give the New York Jets choose a candidate out, right).

Big Three:

According to the results of last season and the 2017 season outlook, we have selected a few favorites:

  • Tom Brady (Tom Brady), Quarterback, New England Patriots:

Even Brady’s name has outsize in the political arena, it is difficult to believe that he only won two MVP trophies. Although this is a very impressive achievement, but the 5th time MVP Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) has broken the expectations of our star quarterback. Although the fourth time last season, Brady won the Super Bowl MVP trophy, his 2016 and it looks less bright & mdash; & mdash; even though it may be Brady since 2007 and 2010, the best performance of the season.

Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers), quarterback, Green Bay Packers:

As long as Longo day without retiring, MVP popular on the day ultimately Longo. Each season he was able to devote a few balls gods, while brush convincing data (such as last season’s 40 touchdowns). Packers will restore its former glory.

Derek – Carl (Derek Carr), quarterback, Oakland Raiders:

Carl has emerged cheap jerseys from china the dark horse of identity, became a strong contender for MVP. Unworthy of the name? Maybe. Although Carl’s data compare Brady or Rogers, but Karl has the ability to lead the Raiders to glory. If Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) can get back the state, which may affect the passing of Carl data, but an impressive record of Raiders should be able to help Carl compete MVP.

Big Three, a non-quarterback version:

Since Adrian – after Peterson (Adrian Peterson) the MVP award five years ago, no non-quarterback player won this award. If this scene can repeat it, the following three are the most powerful competitors:

Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown), wide receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers:

Brown’s MVP two years ago, could compete. The problem is, when wide receiver MVP trophy competition is always behind the quarterback, but historically they have in the face of running back down under the wind & mdash; & mdash; that is, wide receiver has never won the MVP title . 2015 season, even in Landry – Jones (Landry Jones) and the end of his career – Michael Vick case (Michael Vick) as the starting quarterback, Brown still won the 1800 yards of good results, but never It is included in MVP consideration. We hope that this position of wide receiver MVP shortage will one day end. Brown and the average of last season compared to the previous two seasons, missing the ball 26 times the number of nearly 500 yards less yardage. Now, Mata Davis – Bryant (Martavis Bryant) should give Brown’s return to bring more pressure.

Izawa Kiel – Elliott (Ezekiel Elliot), running back, the Dallas Cowboys:

Elliott is most likely to take away the MVP trophy from the hands of quarterback running back. Second-year rookie Elliott should be able to help the Cowboys compete for at least the National League East championship. Ronald – Leary (Ronald Leary) and Doug – after Friedrich (Doug Free) leave, Cowboys offensive line still retained their trident & mdash; & mdash; All-Pro left tackle Tyrone level – Smith ( Tyron Smith), center Travis – Frederick (Travis Frederick) and right guard Zach front – Martin (Zach Martin). If you are worried about Pittsburgh Le Weiang – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) will give Elliot a threat, do not forget, Bell the past four seasons, played only 47 games.

Julio – Jones (Julio Jones), wide receiver, Atlanta Falcons:

Why not nominate reigning MVP Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) do? I admit I was a little preoccupied, but I still feel the offensive coordinator Kyle – leave Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) will make Ryan’s performance greatly reduced. NFL & mdash; & mdash; at least the League of Nations & mdash; & mdash; it is still the best wide receivers can complete a variety of ball. Also, do not forget how hard it is for two consecutive years won the MVP. It was the last to do this, or 2008 and 2009 Peyton – Manning, Brett 1995, 1995 and 1997 – Favre (Brett Favre) and 1989 and 1990 Joe – Montana (Joe Montana).

Gone up:

Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) and Andrew – Clark (Andrew Luck) and other players last season, played excellent performance, but without success. If they are teammates around him has been a qualitative leap, the results look like it? Next was the MVP of these players are either competitors or non-playoff team’s top players:

Russell – Wilson (Russell Wilson), quarterback, Seattle Seahawks:

After an injury-plagued 2016, Wilson left behind in the MVP battle. But the Seahawks, who else is more important than he does for the team? Wilson and the Seattle win because the defense group. If they can get 13 wins and 3 losses record, Wilson will undoubtedly win the MVP.

Drew – Brisbane, quarterback, New Orleans Saints:

Brisbane is always at the forefront of data charts. Unfortunately, in the past three seasons Saints defensive group respectively in the league 31, the first 32 and 28. It would appear that a mediocre defense group is sufficient to Saints returned to the playoffs & mdash; & mdash; while allowing Brisbane again become MVP contender.

David – Johnson (David Johnson), running back, Arizona Cardinals:

If the Cardinals win the next 10 games, instead of seven games last season, Johnson could give Matt – not a small pressure Ryan. League last season, the first total yardage (2,118 yards) output is very stable, only one game did not get 100 yards & mdash; & mdash; it was the first 16 weeks of his injury leave the game.

Kanmu – Newton (Cam Newton), quarterback, Carolina Panthers:

After the end of the season, we learned that Kanmu shoulder required surgery. Even so, the core of the Panthers quarterback because of several reasons they did not copy the 2015 MVP season. But now, the Panthers added a new tent rookie running back Christian – McCaffery (Christian McCaffrey). Kelvin took over the main outside – Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) also has recovered wholesale jerseys from china injury of two years. Panthers defensive group should also be improved.

Andrew – Mubarak, quarterback, Indianapolis Colts:

Like Wilson, Mubarak personal success and the team’s victory or defeat is hard decoupling, and pony defense group than in Seattle do not know the difference gone. New general manager – Chris Ballard (Chris Ballard) through the draft and free agent market, the introduction of a large number of defensive players. If the colt comprehensive strength can be enhanced, Mubarak calls should also be getting higher and higher & mdash; & mdash; of course, that Mubarak had surgery on the shoulder does not interfere with his hand.

Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), wide receiver, New York Giants:

Not to mention the contract renewal issue, Beckham can focus to remain on the court do? THE NEW Brandon – Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and first-round pick tight end Evan – Engel Ram (Evan Engram) can actually reduce the burden to Beckham, maybe Beckham can come up MVP-level performance .

Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford), quarterback, Detroit Lions:

Stafford has been underestimated in the last season definitely has the strength to compete MVP. But the last paragraph of the season he injured his right middle finger, while Matt – Ryan has maintained a hot hand. Reinforcing the offensive line and running back Amir – Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) Stafford’s return should give a chance to compete for MVP.

Von – Miller (Von Miller), outside linebacker, Denver Broncos:

Although the Broncos last season, suffered a lot of negative, or in the least bit of difference Miller missed the Defensive Player of the Year award. If Denver can find offensive group status, Miller became Lawrence in 1986 – since Taylor (Lawrence Taylor) first defensive player MVP is not impossible.

Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins), quarterback, Washington Redskins:

Second cousin is strong internal Redskins & mdash; & mdash; but it is the first important & mdash; & mdash; the players. Left tackle Trent Williams – Williams (Trent Williams) short-lived fad will not win the MVP, but he really is protecting an MVP contender & mdash; & mdash; if Redskins wide receiver who can come up with proper performance, so the Redskins played 10 wins and 6 losses if the performance.

Aaron – Donald (Aaron Donald), defensive tackle, Los Angeles Rams:

This Donald is really a major step. But the past three years, the best pass inside the red hand is worth entering the league this list. If Donald can maintain this state, and the Rams won the National League West, then he may take away the trophy & mdash; & mdash; but this possibility is too small.

Team MVP:

The following players are their team’s most valuable player, they do not how bright the data, and no teammates around extremely talented, still did not reveal too Tau Kok in the MVP-winning competition.

Philip – Rivers (Philip Rivers), quarterback, Los Angeles Lightning:

Chargers perfect MVP. I wanted to write a rookie Joey – Bosa (Joey Bosa), but I’m importance Rivers in this troubled team can not be ignored. Although the number of touchdowns he’s decline, has increased the number of steals, do not forget, every 比赛里弗斯 their injury is with a team struggling to chase points, passing it insufficient adventure It is surprising. Lightning this year the draft focused on the offensive line and an external hand, I believe that 17 can be full of blood resurrection.

Demis – Winston (Jameis Winston), quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

In addition to the pirates, no other team might be more to the core of the quarterback. No Winston, the pirates would happen then? Interestingly, he has more than the same session, Marcus – more than 281 times to throw the ball Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota).

Marcus – Mali Horta, Quarterback, Tennessee Titans:

Speaking of Marcus – Mali Horta, the Titans hope he can stay healthy enough in his third NFL season. Tennessee ranked third in the league running the ball, but that does not mean the team with Matt – Kassel (Matt Cassel) can win the division title.

  • Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton), Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals:

Dalton is not the main reason for the collapse of the team last season. Coordinator Hugh – Jackson (Hue Jackson) left a great impact on the Tigers (their scores ranked from seventh down to 24th place), while the team’s rushing attack was gone. Dalton can not get the data to win it.

Joe – Flacco (Joe Flacco), quarterback, Baltimore Ravens:

Frederick the Great To win this award, he will need a lot of help. 86 catches last season, tight end Dennis – pita (Dennis Pitta) has Retrenched, crow red ball attack also ranked bottom of the league (averaging 91.4 yards, 28 in the league), with Mike – Wallace (Mike Wallace), Bray Shad – Perryman (Breshad Perriman) and Jeremy – McLean (Jeremy Maclin) is a wide receiver who can bear the heavy responsibility on behalf of it? Anyway, if Flacco came 4600 yards in a single season can and help the team win the division, then how could he not be the MVP of it?

Le Xiaoen – McCoy (LeSean McCoy), running back, Buffalo Bill:

Not surprise surprise? The league’s most efficient offensive red ball does not belong to Dallas or Tennessee. On the contrary, the Bill season average of 5.3 yards per carry advance the ball, ranking first in the league. I do not know Sean – McDermott (Sean McDermott) features, but I do not think he will abandon red ball attack. This, we need to rely on the peak of No. 25 is still a running back.

Carson – Wentz (Carson Wentz), quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles:

Do not laugh. Although Wentz avalanche of data have declined at the end of last season, but Philadelphia’s butter hand wide receiver who is also responsible for this. Torre – Smith (Torrey Smith) and Archamps – Jeffrey (Alshon Jeffery) to join should help Wentz MVP of the market.

Everything is possible:

Although Matt – Ryan is a household name, but missed the playoffs for three consecutive years as the quarterback before the 2016 season, he turned out or how many people feel a little surprised. Here are some equally likely to bring you surprise the players.

Eric – Berry (Eric Berry), security guard, Kansas City Chiefs:

His inspiring story. He also looks to impress female fans. Most importantly, his influence on the team is growing. Security guard has never won MVP honors, but Berry last season, has come up with MVP performance. Look at his game against the Atlanta bar.

Judd Vian – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney), defensive end, Houston Texans:

The idea is very bold … but listen to me. Ke Laoni time and time again last year after the field reached the other side, just like a public swimming pool where the kids like. J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) comeback should be able to seek opportunities for a lot of 1-on-1 Kelao Ni, and Watts itself should also take time to find their own MVP level.

Jay – Ajay (Jay Ajayi), running back, Miami Dolphins:

Ajay need a perfect season to compete for MVP & mdash; & mdash; why not? Although the team still adjusting to new coach Adam – Gass (Adam Gase) system, but the Dolphins last season, or get a playoff spot. In the game against the Steelers (week 6, 25 rushed 204 yards) and Bill (the first seven weeks and 16 weeks, two games a total of 60 strokes 420 yards) of the game, we see the ability of Ajay. Next season he can come up with a better performance?

Jordan – Howard (Jordan Howard), running back, Chicago Bears:

Last season we witnessed Aaron – Rogers 40 touchdowns, Matthew – Stafford various XJBR in the fourth quarter, and Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford) broke up to two yards short history pass the Guinness Book of records … Bears rookie running back Howard has quietly played MVP-level performance. Every time he rushed the ball are even better than the cowboy code Elliott (5.2 to 5.1), a total of last season, rushed down the 1313 yards. Not convinced? Then you tell me, now show for the Bears who else?

Leonard – Buddha Nate (Leonard Fournette), running back, Jacksonville Jaguars:

As the first rookie this list, Nate Buddha is more likely to win a league MVP than any other rookie. Panthers Christian – McCaffery will and Jonathan – Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) share playing time. And, who knows what this year will have a rookie quarterback starting debut it? Besides, the Jaguars should be greatly reduced Blake – Bot Wales (Blake Bortles) the number of passes.

Sam – Bradford, quarterback, Minnesota Vikings:

Hush, do not cry … Vikings are only two candidates in this quota, Sam – Bradford and security guard Harrison – Smith (Harrison Smith). Riley – Reeve (Mike Riley) and Mike – Lei Mosi (Mike Remmers) to join big Sam should give more protection. Next season he should be more pass, otherwise it is difficult for him to win nine victories, let alone the MVP.

… at least stand a chance in this life, this season the game is:

Now three teams left not said. All three teams next year are likely to & mdash; & mdash; again & mdash; & mdash; before becoming the fifth pick of the owner. Let us avoid the quarterback & mdash; & mdash; Brian – Heuer (Brian Hoyer), Cody – Kessler (Cody Kessler) and Josh – McQuarrie (Josh McCown) & mdash; & mdash; to talk about a few super MVP a big upset.

Carlos – Hyde (Carlos Hyde), running back, San Francisco 49ers:

He’ll Kyle – shine under Shanahan’s system it? I think he will. The 49 main running back last season, he played only 13 games, but rushed down the 988 yards, which is not easy in a very bad team. General Manager – John Lynch (John Lynch) and head coach Kyle – Shanahan has indicated, hoping Hyde can come up with better performance, that Hyde is likely to brush out better look at the data, although 49 people not better than the record of 5 wins and 11 losses into the Pro bowl Hyde … at least there is still hope.

Myers – Garrett (Myles Garrett), defensive end, Cleveland Browns:

Who else? Running back Isaiah – Chloe Weir (Isaiah Crowell)? Linebacker Jamie – Collins (Jamie Collins)? In this way a quarterback candidates also outstanding team, the 2017 draft pick of the opportunity to get MVP other than Brown big players where to go. Of course, he needs like magic Jevon – Michaels (Jevon Kearse) as rookie season under the brush 14.5 sack, and to help the team into the Super Bowl, to compete MVP. However, the defensive rookie of the year there is still hope.

Leonard – Williams (Leonard Williams), defensive end, New York Jets:

I beg you, help me! Jets restructuring. If … uh … Jet performance to win the AL East title, then Williams stole the MVP title is not impossible. Having said that, in fact, Williams is into the best lineup of strength. He did little progress in his second season. If the jet function win, Williams is not no chance (in fact, no chance at all …) best case: Defensive Player of the Year.

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