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FCC is laser-focused on erasing the digital divide and crushing robocalls

Stracke – who was married to investment banker Christian Stracke from 2000 to 2016, also said in the interview: ‘I had a hard time with my ex-husband; coming from a finance place, we’re very private. And the banking industry is very private. So this is very, very foreign for me.’

HBO Max has committed to keeping the amount of advertising low. The company says that its ad load — or the amount of advertising you watch every hour — will be under four minutes on average. Different kinds of programming will have different ad loads, so the amount you see may vary depending on what you watch. But HBO Max has said it is committed to keeping average ad load below four minutes so that it will be the lowest in the streaming industry, and it plans to monitor user behavior and engagement to make sure it keeps below that threshold. 

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A 54-year-old man arrested on Tuesday has been charged in connection with the case and a 20-year-old man held at a separate address in Scotland on Thursday remains in custody at a Police Scotland facility.

The most important thing we can do right now is map where broadband is and is not across this country, so we know where those deficiencies are. As you know, the FCC data about where service is, and is not, is not up to snuff for the digital age. We need to be a whole lot more precise. We’re working very hard on that right now, and that’s going to produce some meaningful information to help us address digital redlining, too.

“Out of crisis is opportunity,” she said. “With this crisis, we’ve ended the days where we talk about broadband as a ‘nice-to-have.’ Policymakers everywhere now understand it’s a ‘need-to-have’ for everyone across this country.”

Stracke also revealed about how they learned the importance of using the word ‘alleged’ while filming – presumably not to let themselves be liable for saying anything about Jayne and Girardi that could end in a lawsuit. 

‘I hope there” a takeaway, especially for young women, or any woman getting married, [which] is: You really need to know who you’re marrying. And you really need to have the veil lifted because you can get into a situation very easily like this.’

‘I can’t control what Tom Girardi did’: Erika Jayne is… RHOBH alum Camille Grammer claims Kyle Richards told her… Erika Jayne’s attorneys in ‘settlement discussions’ over… Erika Jayne complains she has ‘zero dollars’ and brands…

Stracke has been openly skeptic about Jayne’s legal drama on the show, even telling her in one episode: ‘I don’t trust that one hundred percent of what you’ve told us is the truth. How can I believe every single thing?’

This program is a really big deal. It’s the nation’s largest-ever broadband affordability program. We’ve never had anything this big before. It helps low-income households get online and stay online. It provides $50 a month in support. That number goes up to $75 a month on tribal lands. You can also get a discounted laptop or tablet computer.

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