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Team boss voted through the seasons expansion plan

US time on Tuesday, the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping team boss conducted a vote, eventually passed the plan to expand the seasons to 14 in the 2020 season.

Through the change program, you need to get at least 32 teams of 24 teams. In the new season, the United States and the National Union will have three external cards, respectively, the No. 2 seed is at the top 7, at the home of the 3rd, at home, No. 5, the first number, the number of seeds have a round advantage .

NBC and cheap jerseys CBS will be responsible for broadcasting newly added external cards, and wholesale nfl jerseys online external cards will also become 3 games on Saturdays. According to the Alliance Data, the expansion of 12 teams since the 1990 golden team, and wholesale nfl jerseys online there were 44 teams in 60, including 10 victims of 10 wins.

The voting of other season changes will be carried out in mid-May.