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How To Find Bed Sheets Malaysia Online

Bed Sheets Malaysia

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As someone who’s often testing products for Bed Sheets Malaysia work, Bed Sheets Malaysia I’m confident when I say that I’ve slept on an above-average number of sheet sets in my life. In case you loved this informative article and also you would want to receive more details concerning Bed Sheets Malaysia kindly check out our web site. I’ve tried them all, from inexpensive microfiber products (like cult-favorite Mellanni bed sheets) to extremely high-end linen sheets that cost $100 (or more) per piece. But even after trying dozens of brands in every fabric imaginable, there’s still only one product I’ll buy for my own bed: Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheets.

Made from 100% long-staple cotton and with a generous 480-thread count, the Luxe Sateen sheets are without a doubt the most comfortable and bedding luxurious sheets I’ve ever used – even better than sheets from high-end hotels. They’re buttery soft, strong and simple to clean, and with a 4.7-star rating from nearly 14,000 reviews, it’s no surprise that a vast majority of buyers are just as smitten with them as I am.

While these sheets are fully worth every penny at full-price, I should note that they’re also on sale today: Bed Sheets Malaysia For the next eight hours and some-odd minutes, spend over $100 and get 10% off, plus a free loungewear item (incidentally, the options are pretty cute).

What makes the Luxe Sateen Sheets so special? For me, it’s all about the feel. Personally, I don’t like sheets that feel crisp, and Bed Sheets the sateen weave of these linens is smooth without being too silky. They’re heavenly to slip into after a long day, and they’re wonderfully soft and cool against your legs. (Many people like the soft feel of microfiber sheets, but I promise you that these cotton ones are infinitely softer.)

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Better yet, the Brooklinen luxe sateen sheets are ideal for both hot and Bed Sheets Malaysia cool sleepers. They’re slightly warmer than percale sheets, which works for Bed Sheets Malaysia cold sleepers (like my boyfriend), yet breathable enough to prevent overheating, which is great for bedding folks, like me, who run hot (sometimes I have to stick a leg out, Bed Sheets Malaysia but I’m OK with that).

Beyond that, Brooklinen has truly considered everything when designing these sheets, and it shows. With the perfect amount of elastic, the fitted sheet actually fits the mattress – so well that it never buckles or slips off the bed, Bed Sheets Malaysia even with a fair amount of tossing and turning. And they’ve included labels on the “short” and “long” sides, a small detail that makes changing your sheets faster and Bed Sheets Malaysia easier. Plus, the pillowcases have an envelope closure that keeps pillows securely in place, night after night.

Luxe Core Sheet Set

They come in seven colors, including classic options like white and gray, as well as a few simple patterns and the occasional limited edition option, like this quirky green-spotted print. You can choose from the Core Set, which starts at $139 and includes four standard pieces, or the Starter Set, which doesn’t have a flat sheet and starts at $98. It may seem a little steep for bed linens, but I promise, once you sleep on these magical sheets for the first time, you’ll never want to go back to your old ones.