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[Event Preview] 52nd Super Bowl Patriots vs Eagles

The 52nd Super Bowl has finally come, and this Super Bowl is still a familiar face: the New England Patriots. As the 21st century the best team, the Patriots have entered the Super Bowl seven times, winning five times, if the Patriots can win again this year, and they can, like the Steelers, Super Bowl became the wholesale nfl jerseys history to win the highest number of balls team. At the same time, they will also create a second four-year Triple Crown. You know, the last time the Patriots four years the Triple Crown last opponent, the opponent is the Super Bowl this season, the Philadelphia Eagles; as the only team did not win the Super Bowl team National League East, experienced a successful after the season, the Eagles does not want to leave empty-handed again, they played decent in the National League finals will challenge the Patriots.

After the 24-20 victory over the Jaguars, New England Patriots advance to the Super Bowl again. Although in the first half, the Patriots lost tight end glycopyrrolate Koski, while Brady also with a hand injury, but the Patriots still come from behind to complete reversal. This time Help get the victory in the face of adversity Patriots wide receiver Danny is – amandola, he completed two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, helping the Patriots from behind to overtake, while cornerback in Gilmore several successful fourth defense, but also to ensure the final victory of the Patriots. Seasoned Patriots again with an epic reversal let the young jaguar saw the cruelty of the NFL, look normal game, the Patriots defense in the road did not give much chance jaguar, although the first half on the outside of the anti He ran a hand over a few big yardage, but still make timely adjustments in the second half of the Jaguars rely only on goal scored six points in the second half; Meanwhile, on offense, basically abandoned the road after the attack by letting Lewis, White, Cooks, amandola several small Quicking type of player interspersed with post moves, creating a number of opportunities. In the face of second-line defense the Eagles, Patriots in the Super Bowl will face a severe test, and on the offensive end but also be careful frontline Eagles rushed pass, cheap jerseys for sale can win a sixth crown depends on the next performance.

Home to a 38-7 victory, the Eagles completely let the Vikings lost the Super Bowl could play at home. And after a performance of ups and downs, Nick – Falls finally proved himself in this National League finals: 33 pass 26, won the 352 yards and three touchdowns. The second malignancy Eagles quarterback with such a performance to tell all the fans, do not ever underestimate him. Jeffrey Oetz led by the Eagles and set the ball, so that the whole game second-tier Vikings suffered terribly; and A Jiayi and Blount in road attack also gave the team a great help. If you maintain a good state, combed properly, Eagles offensive group does give Patriots brought no small trouble. Let’s look at the defense group, the Hawks this season, both in the front group of seven anti-punching run or pass in the premier league, play the game by the Fletcher – Cox This led the Vikings defensive line to the offensive front stir turned upside down, it is under strong pressure defense, the Eagles offensive end in order to play more acting freely. But the Eagles second-line defense, especially cornerback, their defense group relatively weak point, how to develop a defensive strategy that corresponds to the next less than two weeks time, the eagle is now a top priority.

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