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The eighth week of the National United States of America, the best players announced

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterk Patrick Mahomes and the Minnesota Viking Runs Dalvin Cook In the eighth week, the performance leadership team wins each other in the eighth week. They also won the award.

Mahms became the best offensive player of Mei Week, and Cook became the best offensive player in China.

In the competition of the New York jet, Mahmus 42 times passed 31 successfully obtained 416 yards 5 times, the success rate reached 73.8%, the quarterfielding points reached 144.4, and the team broke the opponent defense .

Cook plays a key role in the team 28-22 explosive battle to win the Green Bay packaging. He got a total of 4 times. In the shock attack, he obtained 163 yards 3 times, while the ball was also brought by 63 yards and 1 time.

The best defensive players in the United States of America are Pittsburgh Stephen, Stephon Tuitt. He played a huge role in the team 28-24 defeated the Bar’s Moros. Tuyt took 9 hugs, 3 times leads to the number of lost numbers and 2 killing. The steel man increases the record to 7 wins and 0 negative, and continues to remain unbeaten.

Miami Dolphin Ball Backcronaut Grant Behind the Best Technical Group Player in Miao Zhou. In the game against the Los Angeles ram, Grant completed the 88-drawn kick and returned to the arrival of the arrival. This is also the first time the wholesale nfl jerseys online will give up the kick back to the attack. In addition, he also completed a 45-yard kick-off attack to the array.

The Seattle Sea Eagle, which has always been known, has become Bobby Wagner, BBBY Wagner, has become the best defensive player in cheap nfl jerseys from china. In the game 37-27 defeated the 49 people in San Francisco, he won 11 times, 3 times leads to the number of damage to the number and 2 killing, helping the defensive group successfully restricted 49 people’s scorpion attack to the season Difference performance.

Tampa Bay Pirates play the ball Lai En Susk (Ryan Succop) recently played the gods, he became the Best Technical Group player of the National United States. Sacp has been hit in the 4th consecutive game. In the game 25-23, the game of the New York giant, cheap nfl jerseys online sack completed the additional shooting shot and all 4 arguments, 13 points.