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Giant Boss: Beckham should do more

Beijing October 17th, the interview with Odell Beckham Jr. is still continuing.

This time I opened the giant boss John Mara.

US Time Monday morning, Mala participated in the cheap nfl jerseys wholesale autumn example, he said: “I hope he (Beckham) can rely on the wonderful performance on his stadium, rather than controversial comments. I think he needs Tell more, talk less. ”

In an interview with ESPN reporter Josina Anderson, Beckham said that the giant “need to play multi-purpose”, and no negation of Eli Manning drags the argument of the offensive group.

Pat Shurmur has been looking cheap jerseys for sale Baker Ham, he said that it has warned Beckham, which is “last”.

Mara said that he did not talk directly to Beckham, wholesale jerseys but thought that people talked to him were more enough.

Mala also published the following topics:

About Eli Manning (Eli Manning) is not good: “When the team recorded 1-5, the responsibility is everyone.” Mara said that although Eli is now “the” Zhongjun “, everyone must Make adjustments.

Mara will pay the four-dimensional adjustment, and the coach is handled, and the Kyle Lauletta may also get a game opportunity.

About using the list of eyelids to choose the Saquon Barkley, Saquon Barkley, rather than four-point guard: “We just chose the best rookie this year, I still believe this.”

1-5 Opening the game to let Mara “尴尬”, but he believes that General Manager Dave Gettleman and Shumer’s ability.