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Tiger coach: The first quarter Wei Han Di-Dalton position is firm

Andy Dalton and cheap nike jerseys usa Cincinnaton Tiger were very bad in this season.

Two weeks before the season, Tiger ushered in two losers at home, and tiger did not achieve 1 time. They were the first two games in the season since Philadelphia, 1939, but they did not acquire the team in two games.

After being killed 5 times in the first battle and 4 passes were copied, Dalton was more cautious in the Thursday night of Houston Texas, but he was difficult to find and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping passed to the open area. The ball, it is difficult to lead the offensive group to advance, and it is difficult to score in numerous wave effect.

For many people, Dalton looks like a state in the season, at least not a state of competing MVP level in the 2015 season. Now this is the worst of the four-dimensional sigments that have been the first 7 years of the Tiger, and he can continue to serve as a starter.

“No, I don’t worry about Andy,” Tiger coach Marvin Lewis said. He said that Dalton’s starting position is stable.

“No, I think he did not retreat,” Lewis said. “I think we have to continue Andy to do his business. Our performance today is not good enough. The performance of players around him is better. We are not enough to win in the offensive group and we will let our defensive groups. The opponent has completed the performance that should not be completed. They have made the opponent today, which leads to the difference between the results. Like the game. Do you want to have dominance? That is to have dominance in the attack and defense. ”

Another option wholesale jerseys for sale Tiger is AJ-McCarron. He became the first after the reimbursement of the injury season in 2015, and he was responsible for the Pittsburgh steel.

Every year, there will be rumored McCarren as a transaction period. But the tiger has not taken him or in order to get a better offer or in case.

The tiger season is likely to lose hope soon. Their next competition will take away the Green Bay packaging, and their partition opponents Pittsburgh steel man and the Baltimo crow next schedule are relatively easy. After a few weeks, if the situation of the tiger has not changed and when the season is close to failure, they may change their attitude.

At present, the tiger will continue to make Dalton first, I hope he can finally find tacit understanding and teammates, the squash attack can be improved and at least 1 time.