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Oklahoma Inmate Breaks Free By Climbing Out A Window Using Bed Sheets

When it comes to having the best night’s sleep, it’s not just the right bed that matters. Fresh, crisp, clean bed sheets you can slip into and drift off are a luxury we can all afford, so why not get that same hotel feeling you love in your very own bedroom? If you are looking for single or double bed sheets, or even larger we have a range of sizes to fit all. We also have an extensive range of bed sheets in styles and fabric to suit your taste, from super soft cottons and bedding brushed cotton for those colder nights. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep with our quality bed sheets.

Flat sheets

Bed Sheets Malaysia

Generous flat bed sheets are basically a large rectangular shaped piece of material that is held in place by tucking in under the mattress. They can come loose during the night, but they are far easier to fold. You can use flat sheets as a layer between you and your mattress as well as a layer between you and your duvet, this alternate use for flat sheets is especially handy in the summer where nights can get too warm for a heavy duvet.

Fitted sheets

Fitted sheets however are far easier to use, bedding thanks to the elasticated edges they stay in place over the mattress with ease, however because of the curved edges, they can be a tad fiddly to fold. Fitted sheets are a great choice for bedding malaysia those who tend to move a lot during the night as they can withstand all the tossing and turning for a more secure fit.


The material you choose is also an important factor. Cottons come in a range including Egyptian cotton and cotton percale for bedding a soft and natural feel, also ideal if you tend to get too warm as the natural qualities of cotton does not trap body heat in, making it a fresh and bedding breathable choice. If you have any concerns regarding exactly where and how to use bedding, bedding you can contact us at the page. Other popular materials are brushed cotton and Polycotton; you still get the smooth soft cotton feeling but less wrinkling and very durable. Pay close attention to the material you purchase as this will affect your overall sleeping experience; whether you prefer a soft and silky feel or bedding the fresh crisp touch of white bed sheets. The material and bedding product description of your bed sheets should be able to give you an indication of the feel and care your bed sheet requires.

Thread count

The thread count its essentially the number of threads woven lengthwise and crosswise within a square inch – generally the higher the count, the softer the material. But the thread count of a material is not the overall decider of comfort; depending on the nature of the fabric, some actually perform better with a lower thread count. For example, whilst Egyptian cotton is at its best within a 300-400 count, percale cotton is 250-300 and linen is 100-200.


Bed SheetsIt’s important that you choose the right bed sheet size to fit your mattress and bedding avoid any loose end or discomfort. That’s why our sheets also come in a range of size fittings to suit all bed types. Whether you’re a solo snoozer in a single bed, sharing a double, king or super king size bed, Bed Sheets we stock a range of mattresses to make your night’s sleep that extra dreamy. Indulge in a super king mattress so you can really stretch out in our king size bed sheets.

Extra bedding

We also have a range of bed linen and extras like pillowcases in a range of fabrics that give your room that 5-star hotel feel, if you like a uniformed look check out our duvet sets range for a co-ordinated finish. Another way to add comfort and luxury to your bedtime is by adding one of our super soft duvets, whether you prefer microfibre or feather, you’re bound to find something that will suit you. Mattress toppers are another great investment as they are soft and supportive, making your trusted mattress feel like new. They also add protection as they make your mattress last longer. Couple with electric blankets and bedspreads for those particularly chilly nights and you have yourself a soft and cosy set up you can look forward to at the end of a long day.