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Many of today’s adults spent their youths in GameStop stores. They lined up for console launches. They bought and sold games there, too. Now some of those gamers are rich after buying GameStock’s stock and encouraging their friends on Reddit to buy it too. GameStop’s shares rocketed higher than ever expected in the past couple weeks, and all because activity among social media investors began pushing it up. Wall Street had bet heavily that the company would fail, but as the price kept going up, investors were forced to reset their wagers. That led the stock to rocket up, and then swing wildly.

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported website that Fidelity Investments plans to hire another 9,000 employees this year due to surging demand for stock-trading and other personal investing services.

Now emboldened Reddit communities are talking about taking on other companies that Wall Street is broadly betting against. The Reddit crowd is already attempting to push up BlackBerry, the once-popular handset maker that now focuses primarily on selling business software. And Redditors are also targeting the struggling movie chain AMC, pushing its stock from hovering around $2 per share to more than $8 in after-hours trading. By Wednesday, Jan. 27, it closed at $19.90 per share before dropping to $12.75. The next day, it fell even further, to $8.63 per share.

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GameStop itself hasn’t fundamentally changed in the past month. It’s still a struggling retailer facing an uncertain future against the rising tide of online shopping. But its stock has shot up as much as 1,800% — that’s not a typo — since the beginning of the year. This dynamic’s led Wall Street investors who bet against the company’s future to lose billions of dollars, and the excitement is driving the hype even further.

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More than once over the course of a before Congress on Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s parenting style became a point of focus for angry lawmakers. One House Republican asked if he had issues with his young daughters watching YouTube. Another asked if he lets them use Facebook’s own services. 

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Historically, Big Tech products have been reserved for people 13 and older. But in the past few years, companies like Google and Facebook have tried to push the bounds of those limits, creating services for younger and younger kids. (Twitter, primarily used by older users, evaded scrutiny on the issue.)

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Plenty of market participants believe the meme stock craze is unlikely to survive if the bull market ends whenever the U.S. Federal Reserve unwinds the easy money policies that have helped the S&P 500 double from its March 2020 lows.

“We’re seeing a phenomenon that I have never seen,” Jim Cramer, a Wall Street commentator on CNBC and a former hedge fund manager, said during a segment as shares were first beginning to swing. And GameStop could be just the start. “It’s insane.”

“These hearings reflect an emboldened Congress and a tech industry that’s on the defensive because the companies know that serious regulation and legislation is coming,” said Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media, a child advocacy nonprofit. “No one is going to take Mark Zuckerberg seriously as a voice for parents, but the truth is our kids lives are being dramatically shaped by social media and internet platforms.”