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Geloski said that it did not consider retirement issues

After the end of the regular season, wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Patriot’s near-end Around Rob Gronkowski will consider retireration again after the end of the season. Some people think that he will not continue to play. Therefore, last Sunday playoffs may be the last game of Gronoski in the Gillette Stadium.

But Gronos Basic people said they did not consider these.

When the reporter asked this, Geloski said: “I only pay attention to the game, this is the same, this week is the same. Now our opponent is the Chief of Kansas City, this week needs to be fully prepared, I didn’t consider Out of these things. All kinds of investment, keep concentration, continue to do things, I will help the team to win the game. ”

Gronoski’s data in the last game is not bright, cheap jerseys from china only one ball is completed, and the 25 yard is promoted. But his contribution is much higher than that of the data can be displayed. Since the lightning player should have more flowers to defensive Geloski, other outer junctions are easier to get rid of defensive gain space, Julian EDELMAN Benefit herein. In addition, Gronoski’s covert technology also helped to run Sony Michel to kill four squares.