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Elderly Strong Jeri Mi-Zuca Reconstruction Baltimo Crow

Beijing August 19th, Jeremy Zuttah returned to the Baltimo crow.

The crow announced on Friday, cheap jerseys from china they signed this old center.

The contract of Zuca is 2 years, and the basic salary is close to $ 4 million, and there is also a maximum of 6 million US dollars.

The crow traded to 49 in San Francisco in May this year, and they got a sixth round of draft as a return. But 49 people cut the Zuata last week.

After being cut by the Zhu Tower, he quickly got the olive branch thrown by other teams. He visited the Indianapolis horses earlier this week, but in the end he felt returned to the crow.

The 31-year-old Zu Tower was first sent a 16 game for the crow last season and was first selected for professional bowl.

Signing a large vulnerability on the inner offensive front line of crows suffering cheap jerseys from china injuries. The team starts left actions Alex – Lewis (shoulder) and replacement protection detachment – Nico Siragusa (knee injury) has been reimbursed. John Urschel announced its retirement during this year.

The ancestral tower is familiar with the crow offensive system, so his return is wise. This signing may mean that Ryan Jensen, which is previously served as the center, will move to the striker and James Hurst.