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Robert Lane slammed the former New Orleans Saint

Rob Ryan said that he has served as the New Orleans Saint Defensive Coordinator in the past two years is “Waste Time” because when Saints decided to copy the Defensive system of Seattle Hawks, he “is bound to live”.

“Two years I didn’t play my own imprint for the defensive group, which was when I was in the saints in the past two years. This is a truth,” said Len in an interview.

Larn, who was smashed by Saint-fried squid last November, said that his greatest regret was that the Saint of the Saint decided to replace the defensive system after successful 2013 season, cheap jerseys from china he did not stand up against the coach Shan Payton.

“I should oppose Shawn and talk to him. Sean is a good person. I didn’t do this, I will let change happen, so I will eat itself,”

At Friday, wholesale jerseys I was asked when I was interviewed and said “This is not his defense or he is not a defense.” Pedon admitted that the Saint team defensive system change but said this “never A person’s defensive group and offensive group. ”

The 2013 Saints ranked fourth in terms of defensive code in the first year of Lien, but in 2014 and 2015 row number second. Last year, nfl jerseys they set a record of the single season opponent to the number of revolutions and opponents.