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The Hidden Mystery Behind Wholesale Nfl Jerseys

Qianhai Eagle Safety Wei Sanxun and Hongki Signed for 2 years

According to cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporters, local time Monday, Washington Hongpi has been agreeing with the former Seattle Hawks Safety Weijun – Jeron Johnson, a contract with a contract worth 4 million US dollars. Johnson has been in front of the Hawks for 4 years, mainly serving as a replacement security, and there is no shortage performance in the special team.

Scott McClouhan in Hongkkin, SCOT McClouhan, has been responsible for the Hawie’s personnel in 2010 to 2014, cheap nfl jerseys from china and his understanding of Johnson has also promoted the contract to a certain extent. Due to the existence of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, Johnson has never been able to prove their opportunities. After joining the red skin, he is expected to debut from the first hair.

In terms of red skin, the original security combination Ryan Clark and Brandon Meriweather are not in the team plan. The team will continue to find a suitable player in the second-line position to supplement the existing lineup depth.