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The Idiot’s Guide To Clip Studio Paint Explained

Clip Studio Paint Review Studio Paint EX will be the ultimate comic software, nevertheless it comes at a high price, so you need to be serious about your drawing to make essentially the most of it.

Clip Studio Paint EX is a great comic creation platform. It’s packed with more tools and features than any of your rivals, and costly a range of publishing options as. Clip Studio has an expansive asset library, and the EX version lets you create your own backgrounds, moving illustrations, and animations alongside the standard models and scenes you may produce with more basic software. Its drawing features are the very best and for each one of these reasons it’s among the best comic creator software packages a person are buy today. But is it absolutely the best? Well, maybe or maybe not – here’s why.

Clip Studio Paint EX review: Associated with use use

Clip Studio Paint EX is a real mix between Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop without worrying about photo correction tools since permits you to use vector and raster layers in a similar file, while also giving you organizational tools to arrange and work as part of your comic book’s page layout within come across. Hallelujah! You can use this program to produce beautifully smooth strokes that widen and thin where you desired them to. Majority of usage, it’s virtually identical to Clip Studio Paint Pro, which is improvement basic version of the same software.

This software responded beautifully when used in combination with a drawing tablet, showing just a touch of a line when the pen was gently pressed and drawing bold, thick lines when pressed down not easy. We even find the brushes to get more tuned and focused for drawing than Photoshop. It sounds blasphemous, but the simple truth is. Clip Studio Paint EX also lets you import and even create your own custom brushes, which is an outstanding feature.

Clip Studio Paint EX has pre-made page templates to spark your creativity, and there are 36 unique comic panel layouts. You could also use this program to create your own from scratch, will be what many advanced users will fancy. You can even peel away each layer and work on various parts without disturbing other parts of your images.

In terms of script tools, EX has improved greatly over the last number of years, and has a page manager that allows to be able to arrange and number pages, batch export, and create a hundred passengers pages of providing. Adding word balloons and text rrs extremely easy, and program accesses the fonts already on your computer, and you can also change the color and size for the text. The only downside is not wearing running shoes lacks a spell checker, so you really should double check your text before publishing your comics by running it the word processor.

The Clip Studio Paint EX page manager displays thumbnails of all the web pages you have done. It lets you flip through them without for almost any close or minimize the current page, and you can check out a full-page view figure out everything all conjointly. If you want to zoom in on an image you are working on, you simply hover over the actual and scroll your mouse wheel. This program also allows one to organize and arrange multiple pages in a single project, much like desktop publishing software a feature which is especially helpful if you are creating your own comic books.

It’s this key difference that makes it more than $100 more expensive in contrast to the Pro version of Clip Studio. Is it worth it? That entirely depends exactly what level of expertise you are – pro users will definitely benefit from these additional features, whereas beginners are advised to Pro and then upgrade to EX at a future date.

Clip Studio Paint EX review: Assets and features

Clip Studio Paint EX comes with plenty of brushes along with pencil, pen and marker tools to work with. If the expense is something you’re not ready to swallow yet, you can find the more budget-friendly Clip Studio Paint Pro and upgrade at a future date. All your art and projects created on Pro are compatible with EX. In fact, you can import and adjust files from most other illustration or art programs. For instance, we imported a PSD file and were able acquire access to the same layers and paint one of the them.

In addition to the drawing tools, you should also find pre-made backgrounds, props, characters and special effects the actual Assets tab. One hugely impressive feature is Clip Studio Paint EX’s 3D models. These full-size figures are posable so you could them into complex positions and then draw over the help your scenes and characters look more proportional and believable. You can go one step further and animate images and models besides. There is a large asset library available to all Clip Studio users, with more than 10,000 free components, and many more available for a smallish fee. It is the real time saver if you’re concentrating on larger projects.

Images made the following comic software could be saved, imported and exported in the most common image files available for purchase. This means your images can be recognized and opened in different viewing programs without worrying about compatibility. Clip Studio Paint files can be saved as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PICT forms. You can even export your work to be compatible for specific Kindle formats.

Clip Studio Paint EX review: Compatibility and support

This comic book software is best with just about every operating system, including Windows 10 and 8 and offers you version of Mac OS. It’s resource-hungry, much like the Adobe suite, so you’ll need the whole with at least 16GB of RAM installed to be getting the out of of which. Most of the best laptops and home computers have 16GB as standard, and many design and video-focused machines now have 32GB for future-proofing.

Technical support is offered on the CELSYS website if you’ve to it, but every person limited. You can email support personnel, but there isn’t live chat or phone number which you utilize as business is based in Japan. A FAQs section and videos tutorial page can also available to browse through, and you will find additional user tutorials on YouTube and a regular blog of the developers.

Should you buy Clip Studio Paint EX?

Clip Studio Paint EX is the best comic book software available right now, and is perfect for both experts and novice creators. Boasts of many tools, features, and pre-made assets to foster your creativity, including brushes, vectors and raster tools. It also lets you edit in layers, make your own brush tools, and so all the more. You can use predesigned page and character layouts or pose 3D models if your imagination hits a roadblock or a person simply want additional medications comics faster. Clip Studio Paint EX also lets you easily create word balloons and has loads of page management and text editing functions support you keep track of projects and get them published. This extremely important difference between the EX and the less expensive Pro version. Yes, the correct answer is expensive, but if you’re serious about comic creation, this is most definitely software to get.