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[Cornerback] legendary “silent” cornerback: Champ – Bailey

If Champ – Bailey (Champ Bailey) in the defense field, and that for other quarterback, the width of the court must be less than 160 feet wide. As a “silent” on the first real sense of the history of the NFL cornerback (shut-down corner), directly opposite Champ quarterback passing options point cut down by half. 6 feet tall and accompanied by nearly 200 pounds, Champ almost all of the bit body catcher, in addition, he has like a sprinter speed, which allows him to stick catcher. However, Champ basketball IQ is his most lethal weapon, he seems to be able to walk the entire defensive second-line, everywhere. The following is his story & hellip; & hellip;


Roland – Bailey Jr on June 22, 1978 was born in Georgia Fall Sexton, their 3-brothers are football players, he ranked second child. His mother, Elaine gave him a little man named “Champ”, to his brother named “Boss” (Boss). When the two of them was a teenager, people think that they’re twin brothers, because they looked Shizaitaixiang.

When the Champ early twenties, his parents divorced, his mother Elaine gained custody of four children (including daughter Danielle children), but had two jobs to support the entire family. But Elaine was not a person in combat, Bailey one in the school are good students, star athletes, which makes their mother’s pressure a lot smaller. They ran a logging company’s grandfather John also do its utmost to help.

Fall Trask Dayton is located in Florida, Georgia borders a swamp, where crocodiles than people, but Friday night, will host an American football game each. The town is only three traffic lights little place, out of nearly 50 a League of American University American football star. In Champ growing up, he and Larry – play with Smith (Larry Smith), and the future of the university’s mainstay Joe – Huggins (Joe Hagins) and Henry – McMillan (Henry McMillan) as a role model.

Champ in various sports have immense talent into the football field did not take him long to show deft footwork and explosive acceleration. The most surprising is that he has the innate instinct, the quarterback can see through each other’s thoughts, and even special abilities to predict offensive tactics. When he was 7 grade, his patch of fans all have the University of Georgia proposed to recruit Champ.

In 1992, Champ into the Charlton County High School, joined the team after being placed in the position of quarterback and team security guard on, no matter which side hold the ball, Champ able to control the game. In the same year the winter, Champ joined the basketball team, his vertical leap of 43 feet, a dunk madman. In the spring, Champ began to practice track and field, and as a high school freshman, became Georgia’s high jump champion.

The last year of high school, Ricky – McWhorter (Rich McWhorter) coach arranged for him to dislodge Wei, brother Hugo Boss to play quarterback. Then the first game, he ran for over 300 yards, 5 touchdowns. Then the second game, he ran over 400 yards along with six touchdowns results. That year, he won a total of 1858 yards and 28 touchdowns. The brothers led the team won 11 wins and 1 good grades, to become a regional champion, but missed the state championship.

At this time, Champ has been the most famous couple, because the big chloroform Nader has been playing in the University of Georgia, Champ place also lacks basic doubt. He played two years with Ronald ball, and his brother Hugo Boss played one year.


In 1996, Champ became the university team “Bulldog” is one, and he was also the team coach Jimmy – Donnan (Jim Donnan). For the outside world this young and talented new team placed high expectations, but it did not, the team in the first year only 5 wins and 6 losses record. Champ played multiple positions, mainly in the Secret Service and defensive backs. In the game with the University of Mississippi, he served as a starter, and his brother Donald several times while playing.

Although Champ in the first year there is not much opportunity to play, but his skill and compatibility University of Georgia attracted a large number of fans. Prior to join Champ Bulldogs, they always felt Scott – Werner (Scott Woerner), Jack – Scott (Jake Scott) and Terry – Hogg (Terry Hoage) is the best defensive backs, adding later, they have changed the original idea.

Champ focused rise in 1997, he served as the starting cornerback, was the beginning of “silent” road the other catcher. Champ good zone defense, one grapple outstanding performance, 11 games, 3 steals, one of which return touchdowns. He began as a catcher, but the ball only 12 times, advancing yardage average less than 20 yards. In addition, he is also the secretary kickoff returner.

Bulldogs to 9-2 end of the season, in which many games become classics, especially against Florida, Mississippi and Georgia Tech. Offensive players have set Hines – Ward (Hines Ward), Robert – Edward (Robert Edwards) and Australian Lance – Gary (Olandis Gary). The offensive line has Matt – 斯丁奇科姆 (Matt Stinchcomb), the nation’s best blockers, man guards the pass Wan Fu Mo open. Bulldog quarterback Mike – Bobo (Mike Bobo) in Aobai bowl (Outback Bowl, Note: Fang Ling translation) 33-6 victory over Wisconsin to win the season’s 10 wins the game, 28 pass 26, which is from since 1992, the first Bulldog to win double-digit points difference. They only have 2 losses from Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) and a 45-34 loss to Tennessee rival Auburn.

With the graduation of Georgia star offensive player, 1998 for the Bulldogs, it seems a bit uncomfortable. Coach Don Nan simultaneously as offensive coordinator and guide Champ wide receiver, replace quarterback Quincy wave of newcomers – Carter (Quincy Carter). Inexperienced quarterback face Rulangsihu opponent, but the team still found a solution that was to take screen Champ short pass. After the kickoff, Champ stepped back, Carter pass, Champ after receiving the ball straight ahead, open for him by a tight end.

Defensively, cornerback Champ or the other is Jeff – Harris (Jeff Harris), the two security guard to defend against ground. If the person using an external 3 lineup, let Harris and the other two zone defense security guard and stronger side, while Champ a person responsible for the remaining half to the other.

Champ 1998 season on both ends are showing a high level of efficiency, the experts praised him as offensive since the 1950 Year of the best defensive group superb offensive and defensive players. This view also come out of a new argument, most people think of Charles University of Michigan Champ over the previous Heisman winner – Woodson (Charles Woodson) more powerful.

That year, Champ has three games the ball over one hundred yards Division is against Wyoming, Louisiana State, Van Bao, all three wins. There is also a ball 99 yards, Florida. Season Champ ball 47 times, advancing 744 yards, 5 touchdowns, defensive steals three times. He was elected to the SEC strongest team, and no doubt into the nation’s best team.

University of Georgia in the Peach Bowl game 35-33 victory over Virginia, Champ played well, the day became defensive group MVP. In addition, he obtained 3 times the ball 73 yards and 1 touchdowns.

Every sense, Champ has enough capital NFL’s knocking on the door, so he decided to leave the University of Georgia, to professional circles for another try. ESPN tips, Champ will fly to New York to participate in a live draft, but he finally decided to watch TV live at the home of Sherlock Sexton, while holding a big party. He has not played this long in this party, the Washington Redskins in the seventh overall pick Champ. His college teammate Larry – Smith was selected in the second round. For Sherlock Pinkston is it a memorable day.

Before Champ added, Redskins ended with 6 wins and 10 losses record. Subsequently, the Redskins defense team has undergone great changes, Dana – Stubblefield (DanaStubblefield) and (DarrellGreen, the last year or starting) has retired. Brad – Johnson (BradJohnson) and Stephen – Davis (StephenDavis) led the Soviet offensive in the new season played 10 wins and 6 losses record, buy jerseys online us becoming the first NL East.

Champ started all 16 games, 5 steals, 3 of which was completed in October against the Arizona Cardinals in a game. He is the youngest person in NFL history to accomplish this achievement and the best defensive week, he received high praise and expectations in the first year of the NFL. Redskins defeated the Detroit Lions in the first round of the playoffs, then lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-13.

2000 season, cornerback Champ partner is new to the Dane – Sanders (DeionSanders), learning from him Champ to a lot of valuable experience. End, Champ is considered the nfl jerseys‘s first “silent” cornerback. He was also involved in the attack tactics and Sanders times back together, back to throw reverse propulsion, advancing 54 yards. Washington Redskins occasionally let Champ involved in the attack and some Secret Service.

Although the industry has one of the strongest anti-American football players transfer, the level of Redskins have been ups and downs, missed the playoffs in the next season 8-8. Champ but still maintain a good momentum, and was elected to the Pro Bowl starting lineup.

go down in history

In 2001, the Pune side dared money passing fewer and fewer people, and cornerback Fred on the other side – Smoot (FredSmoot) also rapidly growing up, part of the credit thanks to his money Cape teammates. Although the two of them played well, new coach Marty – Scott Beckham (MartySchottenheimer) did not allow the team to break 8-8 situation, the Redskins missed the playoffs again. The Champ always outstanding, season 3 steals, into the Pro Bowl again.

After the 2003 season, Champ’s contract expires. Redskins want to use the franchise tag on him, but Champ claimed that if a franchise tag on him, it is not to participate in training camp as a protest. After a game, the Redskins finally agreed to allow him to seek a deal.

2004 season, Champ came to the Denver Broncos. Mustang wild card race met the New England Patriots, and finally to 27-13 win. Patriots controlled the game in the third quarter, when they fast touchdowns, Champ steals – Tom Brady (TomBrady) to Troy – Brown (TroyBrown) pass. Champ back all the way along the sideline and ran 99 yards, knocked out of bounds in front of Front at 1 yards, failed to complete the 100 yards back to the offensive touchdowns.

Look back on the victory of the division Broncos, a week after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the American League Championship Series. Broncos quarterback Jake – Plummer (JakePlummer) has been trying to save the team, but the Steelers still a strong ground attack in a 34-17 victory over the Broncos.

The next that year, Puda money to a new level cornerback, he enters another area of ​​his defensive catcher who collectively “silent”, and with 10 steals, 98 times holds the record of becoming the first NFL one person. His 10 steals 6 times within 6 yard line and the end zone. The successful defense of the equivalent of the same offense score again.

The beginning of the 2006 season, the Broncos defense was impeccable. In the game against the Baltimore Ravens, with Champ steals in the end zone in the Mustang victory in five games since the start of the season and only opponents touchdowns once.

However, faced with was a giant lightning is more severe challenges. With partition Lightning beat the Broncos on winning, but the Broncos will not be catching wins. At the same time, with the partition of the Kansas City Chiefs to take advantage of those weeks Mustang poor state, tying the wins, and won the wild card by virtue of strength of schedule. Despite the excellent early season, but they are the best or only reduced to spectators playoffs. But Champ was the third consecutive year got the All-Star honors, and never let the opponent get touchdowns.

In 2007, Champ is still strong. The first few games, the Broncos passing audience opponent less than a hundred yards, Champ in the SWAT team also has multiple exciting grapple performance, but an injury made him the state of slipped. In the game, the Broncos lost to the score Lions, the team decided to start restructuring the weak AL West to occupy a place.

Champ liked to play energy on the defensive end, rather than as a wide receiver to find space ball, he likes to be “silent” cornerback.

Champ its people

Champ stand out from the star cornerback in the NFL history, he fast speed, highly talented, footwork and turning technology is also very good. Champ’s physical enough to put any catcher and knocked out of balance, in front of him and no one even think about advantage of.

No statistics can adequately measure Champ impact on competition in the field of time, but there is a statistics show that, when the league’s top catcher face Champ, their play is about 75% of other times. Champ presence What is done is to make his teammates go all out of the field, but let yourself have nothing to do with the game.

Source: Beijing Translation Group