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The system of online slots that we should know!

“Online slots” are online casino games. working with a set of mathematical instructions There are also three types of intelligent software systems: Random Number Generator (RNG), Return to player (RTP), and Volatility. To random various results for the online slots system, if anyone wants to know how these online slots systems work? How fair is it? Or is it possible to lock in real rewards? Today we are going to take you all to look at the in-depth information of the system, the behavior of the slot machine. In order for everyone to have more knowledge and confidence in playing slots games, then let’s go and see how the other 3 systems work.

1.Random Number Generator (RNG)

Random Number Generator or popularly known as RNG for short, is the main operating system used for random slots. This system is controlled by intelligent software that can generate answers that may occur without Ltd. Whenever a player spins a slot, the RNG system will start working with Replace all symbols in slot games with numbers. Then after that, the RNG randomly generates numbers at the rate of 100 numbers per 1 second since the slot is spinning. Finished, the system will randomly select numbers equal to the number of reels of the game we play. For example, if we play a 5-reel slot, the system will randomly pick 5 numbers from all the numbers that have been created, including 5 numbers. to revert to the symbols in the slot game

Slots bring about unpredictable or predictable results. in which all these methods will occur within a few seconds only Therefore, there is no possible way to have a lock effect. as many people fear In addition, the RNG software will reset every time the slot is spin. That means in your slots play rounds. You may hit the big jackpot 2 times stacked together. Or maybe spin can’t find the jackpot at all. Because every result is caused by 100% random guess.

At first glance, the massive numbers and accurate system of the RNG may give you the impression that Winning in slots games can be very difficult. Which is not right, but not all right, because in fact, in the slot game, there is also a calculation from another system to make it easier for players to win prizes, meaning the RTP system or Return to that player

2.Return to player (RTP)

RTP or Return to player is a system that is set up to provide long-term payback for players. In the event that the player continues to spin the slot The reason is because randomization with the RNG system may cause very few chances of winning. Therefore, there must be an RTP regulation system to help. In principle, RTP is calculated as a percentage of the total amount spent by players. Regardless of the money that the player wins In general, each slot has a certain RTP value of not less than 90%.

For calculating the RTP value, if you try to give a simple example, assuming that the slot machine has an RTP value of 95%, it means that if the player spends 100 baht, in theory, the player will receive a refund of 95 baht when doing it. Keep spinning the slot and 5 baht, or 5% lost, will be the profit that the casino receives. In addition, some slots have an RTP charge of the player’s amount by Including everyone. For example, there are 1000 players playing this slot game. Each person plays 1000 baht each, totaling 1,000,000 baht. And the RTP value of this slot machine is 95% means the casino will refund. Give players the number of 950,000, which this money will divide, on average, among the other 1000 players, a little, a little, whoever gets More or less depends on each person’s luck.


Volatility or turbulence That is like a form of risk factor that exists in slot games. The more slots, the lower the volatility. The more frequent the chances of winning, the more often the winnings will be small prizes and it is very difficult to see the big ones. On the other hand, high-volatility slots are slots games that are difficult to win. Once in a while, they are right, but when they are hit, If the jackpot is not broken, it will be the next big prize. whirling through the difficulty of winning Therefore, players who are able to play slots with high volatility cabinets must have a fair amount of patience.

In conclusion, the working style of online slots will blossom by using random sampling from the RNG system mainly, which if the player wins the prize, คิงสล็อต it is considered good luck. But in the part where the players are not rewarded, they are compensated by the RTP system, and both of these systems are controlled by Volatility, and this is how the slot machine works in a nutshell. We hope this information was helpful. And it helps to ensure that playing slots for all gamblers for sure.