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Tom Braddy: Does not continue to appeal is a personal decision

Tom Brady decided that no longer continued to appeal just to help everyone continue to travel.

This is the first to accept reporters at an interview when I decided on Friday.

“This is just a personal decision, I have always worked hard to entangle this matter,” Braddy said. “I tried to put the attention on a positive side, staying with my teammates and became better. You just want to be a good example in your teammates, we have a lot of competitive players on the training ground, I I think this is where you should be placed. ”

In the first month of the season, cheap jerseys from china Braddy will not stay with the team, but he is not very worried that he will spend this time, he will focus on helping teammates preparing for wholesale nfl jerseys himself for the four-guards. .

“When I arrived at this time, I will deal with it,” Braddy said. “We have a colorful team. I will support the team when I am not there, and when I am, I will win each game, I hope we will win each game.”