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Tiger coach Lewis plans to return next season

Despite the sixth playoff defeat, Marvin – Lewis (Marvin Lewis) plan to stay next season, wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys for sale Cincinnati Bengals coach & mdash; & mdash; if the team is willing to let him return to coach the Tigers in the 13th season of words.

Shortly after the Kaya Parm, I would like to return to the playoffs next season, and then he was asked if he would return it in 2015. “That is my plan,” Lewis smiled. “The future will not promise any person, it is part of NFL life, and it is also the result of failure after the playoffs.”

He agreed with the team in this year’s break, wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys for sale and his contract will expire after the 2015 season.

Lewis, who served as a Mammark main coach in the 2003 season, has taken the team to enter the playoffs for four consecutive seasons. Such a record is no ancient in Cincinnati. These four consecutive entered the playoffs and cheap nfl jerseys for sale the team have static contrast in 1990, and the Tiger has more than 8 seasons in 10 seasons.

Lewis career is just a total of 100 victories. But there is no one game is the playoffs. After the failure of the sixth consecutive game, Lewis and Jim Mora (Steve Owen) and wholesale jerseys online Marty Schottenheimer became the only encounter in history. The main coach of multiple consecutive playoffs. This loss also made him and Owen becomes only the main coaches that the same team encountered so many consecutive playoffs. Owen encountered this embarrassment in 1939 to 1950.

“The only way to do this is at a moment & mdash; & mdash; no matter who, no matter what & mdash; & mdash; go back to work, strive to train this,” Lewis said in the playoffs Take the winning point. “That is all you can do. There is no other way.”

Safety Wei George – George Iloka is one of the Tiger players who believe that Lewis will return next season. “I didn’t expect him why he didn’t come back,” Ilocca said. “He did very well. This loss is not his responsibility. It is our problem. We all have a lot to make us. We really have confidence before the game, until the 4th game lost the suspense.” He Next, it is shown. “He didn’t play games. Those tactics can only bring you so far. The winning power depends on the performance of the player. We have to bear some responsibility.”