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[Event Review] Patriot Tower Victory Chief, Return to Super Bowl

On Monday, January 21, January 21, 7:40, this season, the Meeting finals started in Kansas City, Missouri. The victor between the New England Patriots between the Emirates and the Aflifland of the United States, the new England patriots, will compete with the Los Angeles Ram to compete wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys for sale the top of the super bowl. The two teams have encountered the sixth week of regular season this season, and the patriots were defeated at home 43:40.

The patriots who fight on the scene first attack, Tom Brady first shorted Lob Gronkowski to get 13 yards.

After the 9 goals, Julian EDELMAN is 14 yards to enter the Red District.

Finally, running Sony Michel squash 1 yards score score. The patriot has established a leading advantage of 7: 0 with this wave of 8 minutes and 5 seconds.

The chief quadruption Patrick – Patrick Mahomes was killed by the patriot line Wenda Van Noy (Dai Van Noy), lost 14 yards. The chieftain was forced to kick.

The emirate gives the patriot to start the ball at the chief halfway. The 15 yards of CORDARRELLE PATTERSON have entered the red zone. After the competition entered the second quarter, after the patriot came to 1 line, Braddy’s fake run was confused. He was easily in the split line, was easily Ragland (Ragle Ragland). Copy!

The chieple will come out again. The patriot here, Braddy turns in the pocket, and the ball finds James White to convert the first attack.

After the patriot abandoned, the cholerough the ball, Mahmus rushed out of the pocket, and founded Sammy Watkins to convert three gears.

“Cheetah” Tyrek Hill, long-distance, complete 42 yards!

However, Mahmus was then killed and lost 14 yards, and the chief was finally blocked outside the cheap jerseys free shipping kick and was forced to kick.

The patriot here, before the end of the first half, Bradi Chuan Philip-Dorstet, 29 yards pass to score! The patriot has expanded the score advantage to 14: 0 before the end of the first half.

In the second half, the chief is first holding the ball attack, Mahmus is a Sahami-Watekins successfully won the 54 yards!

With this opportunity, Travis Kelce is 12 yards, reaches a point! The score becomes 14: 7.

After the two teams have discarded the kick, the game entered the middle section of the third section. The patriot is connected to the emirate in the 7th line of the chief, and the 47 yards, Stephen Gostkowski, and the patriots 17: 7 lead the chief, the score gap Back two balls.

The chief of the chieftain, Mahms a high difficult passage to find Watekins to convert the first attack.

Damien Williams in the Emirates. The 33 yards of the Damien Williams entered the Red Area. After the competition entered the fourth quarter, Kelsea caused the other party to fouled in the end area, the chief was on the 1 yard line. Since then, Mahms rushed out of the pocket and put the ball into Damin Williams, passing the ball 1 code to score! The score becomes a patriot 17:14 chief.

The patriot has a 10-yard-catching ball with Julian-Edelman and the 10 yards of Sony-Michelle, they came to the Chief Half. In the face of the half-size line in the Chief 25, the patriots failed, and it is not unbelieving!

The emirate is heavy, but it is also three gears. The chief discarding the ball slipped through Julian – Edrman’s fingertips, pick up by the chief player. However, after the video playback, the referee identified that Edelman’s fingers did not touch the ball, and the patriot was fortunate to retain the ball.

However, Edelman still funerals the right to patriots & mdash; & mdash; Breddy’s pass is playing in Edrman’s hands, the chief security satensen, Daniel Sorensen, cut! The chief is getting the ball in the 23 yard line of the Patriot.

Emirates Joomanian – Williams shorted 23 points to score, the chief of the score is 21:17!

After the score is reversed, the patriot rolls, Chris Hogan is 11 yards, running Week, Rax, Rickhead, 14 yards, Rob, Gronoski The ball is 11 yards. On the 9th yard line of the chief, the patriot will face the four-speed half code again, this time Sony-Michelle is directly with the ball 10 points to score! Patriot 24:21 Leading the Chief 3 points!

There are still 3 minutes and a half minutes, Watekins causes the other party to defensive foul and obtain 23 yards. Since then, Mahmes will pass to Watekins again, wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys for sale and the latter is running down 38 yards to 2 yard lines.

Finally, the Weida Mines – Williams scorpion 2 points to score! Emirates 28:24 Patriot!

Tom-Braddy is still two minutes. With the 20 yards of Julian – Edelman, the patriot gradually advanced to the chief half. Come to the 34-yard line, Braddy passed to the Pass – Gronoski’s pass was copied, but due to the advancement of the emirate, it was canceled. Since then, Robs Gronoski completed 25 yards on the ERIC Berry head!

This boller makes the patriot to get the branch, which also helps Berk Haide 4 code shock to score! The patriot has a lead 31:28 when there is 40 seconds in regular time!

Mahms was at risk, and he rushed out of the pocket and rushed to the 21 yards, then Demarcus Robinson, then took 27 yards, helping the chief to enter any Ball shoot!

Harrison Butker’s 39-yard shift score is 31:31 flat! This is the case of the first two alliance finals in the history of wholesale nfl jerseys to enter the overtime game.

The overturner gains the opportunity of the first attack, Julian Erman has completed the middle road twice twice in three times, and the 20 yards and 15 yards will be taken into the chief. Faced another three-speed 10 yard, this time is Rob-Gronoski 15 yard conversion first attack.

In the end, the Run Weixue Berk Haide scored 2 points to score, kill the game! The score is fixed at 37:31, and the patriots will overturn the Chief of Kansas City, and I have advanced into the super bowl again!

Player data:

New England Patriot

Quartz Tom-Braddi 46-pass 30, 348 yards, one code 7.6, 1 reachable 2 copy, did not be killed, quad-bidding 77.1;

Run Wend Sony – Michelle 29 Washing, 113 yards, one code 3.9, 2 mushroom reachable;

Extraction Julian – Edelman 7th, 96 yards;

Kansas City Chief

Quartz Patrick-Mahmos 31 16, 295 yards, average code 9.5, 3 reached 0 Caspic, 4 times were killed, quad-branch scored 117.0;

Extracoring Sashim – Watekins 4 bathes, 114 yards.